In this workshop you will learn how to develop and deploy a microservices based application.

The overall architecture of the application that you will deploy is the following:

Coolstore Architecture

During the various steps of the the workshop you will use OpenShift Dev Spaces, an online IDE that is running on Red Hat OpenShift to write, test and deploy these services:

  • Catalog Service exposes using a REST API content of a catalog stored in a relational database

  • Inventory Service exposes using a REST API the inventory stored in a relational database

  • Gateway Service calls the Catalog Service and Inventory Service in an efficient way

  • WebUI Service calls Gateway Service to retrieve all the informations.

The outcome is an online store with a catalog of product items and an inventory of stock:

CoolStore Shop

In addition to the application code, you will learn how to deploy the various services to OpenShift and how to use it to route the trafic to these services and monitor them.

You will also have the opportunity to look at probes and externalized configuration.

Let’s start the workshop with the discovery of OpenShift and OpenShift Dev Spaces.