Welcome to Inner Loop Workshop

Ready to become a Cloud Native Developer?

This immersive workshop will put you in the Cloud Native world as a Developer: code, run and deploy modern applications on OpenShift using rich and advanced development services.

Developer Inner Loop

The goal of this hands-workshop is to provide a Developer Experience through the Inner Loop using Cloud Native Technologies.

To be a part of this journey, all you need is to bring your modern web browser. Everything else is running on the Cloud, on OpenShift.

Session Summary

Get hands-on with cloud based code Development using OpenShift Dev Spaces.

Explore the inner loop by creating simple microservices with Quarkus, Spring Boot, .NET and Nodejs.

Deploy a web based application to OpenShift.

Monitor its health.

Discover OpenShift service resilience, scale and fault tolerance.

Finally utilise external configuration to leverage OpenShift database access.


A Developer, Architect, DevOps, or manager wishing to learn about the Cloud Native development with OpenShift. Some programming experience, especially with Java would be useful.




3.5 hour

Developers that want to learn OpenShift and Kubernetes

Beginner with OpenShift