Welcome to Red Hat OpenShift Database Access Operator

Explore and learn Red Hat OpenShift Database Access Operator by performing installation of the Operator, configuration of managed databases via RHODA, and connect to a Mongo Atlas Database Instance from a nodejs application called Pacman running on OpenShift.


Connecting Applications to DBaaS using RHODA




1.5 hours

Developers who would like to connect applications to managed databases while deployed in OpenShift


In this tutorial you will go through :

  • A brief introduction to Database as service (DBaaS)

  • Using the OpenShift command line client and web console.

  • Installation of RHODA on OpenShift.

  • Deploying PAC-MAN application from source code in a Git repository.

  • Configuring a MongoAtlas Database instance from the OpenShift service catalog using RHODA.

  • Additional topics may also be covered relevant to the topic.