Learn the basics of Ansible as well as the more advanced principles in one module of 1 hour.

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1 hour

For Operators/DevOps


Automation is something we should adopt at any price. This will help you deliver applications faster, easier, and in a reproducible way. In the case of Kubernetes, we’ve got a wide range of applications to automate the delivery of the applications and implement GitOps methodology, for example, using Tekton and/or ArgoCD. But not everything is Kubernetes; what happens if we want to get a similar level of automation when not using Kubernetes? Ansible is your IT automation solution for such cases.

Join us to learn how to start using Ansible, learn several use cases you can use right after the session, and use GitOps when deploying to more cloud/traditional infrastructure.+

What you will learn:

  • What is Ansible?

  • How Ansible works

  • Installing dependencies to a server

  • Bootstraping a custom application

  • Ansible Roles

  • Ansible Galaxy