Learn the basics of change data capture with Debezium in one module of 1 hour.

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1 hour

Developers and Architects


This tutorial helps you to get started with the open-source change data capture platform Debezium. You will learn about selected features and different ways, how Debezium let’s you build streaming data pipelines using popular relational and non-relational databases as data sources. Examples also show, how to stream captured change events to different sink systems, including but not limited to Apache Kafka.

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What you will learn:

  • The fundamentals about Debezium

  • Benefits of log-based change data capture (CDC)

  • Databases which are supported by Debezium

  • 3 ways to run / work with Debezium

  • Using Debezium’s PostgreSQL connector to publish database changes to Apache Kafka

  • Running Debezium Server to set up a CDC pipeline between PostgreSQL and a web API endpoint

  • Working with Debezium UI to configure and inspect a MySQL source connector