Openshift Pipelines

The following section details on how to install OpenShift Pipelines(Tekton on OpenShift).

  • Login as Cluster Admin

Login to OpenShift console using the cluster admin credentials. Follow the OpenShift Documentation to have OpenShift Pipelines installed in your OpenShift cluster.

Unless and until explictiy quoted, all the tutorial exercises will be deployed in namespace called tektontutorial:

oc new-project tektontutorial

You have now installed all the OpenShift pipelines components to run the tutorial exercises.

Install Tekton CLI

Tekton CLI is command line utility used to interact with the Tekton resources.

Download the Tekton cli and add to your path:

Verify the Tekton cli

tkn version

The command should show a result like:

Client version: 0.19.0
Pipeline version: v0.24.3
Triggers version: v0.14.2