This workshop is intended to give you a hands on introduction to using OpenShift from the perspective of a developer.

Topics which this workshop will cover include:

  • Using the OpenShift command line client and web console.

  • Deploying an application using a pre-existing container image.

  • Working with application labels to identify component parts.

  • Scaling up your application in order to handle web traffic.

  • Exposing your application to users outside of the cluster.

  • Viewing and working with logs generated by your application.

  • Accessing your application container and interacting with it.

  • Giving access to other users to collaborate on your application.

  • Deploying an application from source code in a Git repository.

  • Deploying a database from the OpenShift service catalog.

  • Configuring an application so it can access a database.

  • Setting up web hooks to enable automated application builds.

Additional topics may also be covered relevant to the specific programming language used by the applications being deployed.