CH1 Web Terminal

Check the Scoring Guidelines sheet for notes on how to access your OpenShift Web Console.

1.1 Installing the Web Terminal operator

To install the Web Terminal operator, open the OperatorHub located under the Operators side menu.

Open OperatorHub

Enter "Web Terminal" into the OperatorHub search box, then select the "Web Terminal" tile from the list of results.

Search for Web Terminal

Click "Install" to initiate the installation process.

View the Web Terminal Operator

Confirm the default installation details by clicking "Install".

Click Install to Confirm

OpenShift will now install the Web Terminal Operator in the openshift-operators namespace.

Installation in Progress…​

Wait a few minutes for the installation to proceed…​

Installation Complete

After the installation has completed, you will be able to find the Web Terminal Operator in the list of installed operators.

Web Terminal Operator detail view

1.2 Web Terminal basics

Reload your web browser to reveal a new Web Terminal button in the header menu. Click on the Web Terminal header menu button to open a new terminal session.

Open the Web Terminal

Paste each of the following commands into your terminal to confirm that it is working as expected:

oc version
Client Version: 4.10.6
Server Version: 4.10.26
Kubernetes Version: v1.23.5+012e945
oc whoami